Cyprus Gastronomy

Cyprus’ gastronomy is tightly knit with the island’s culture and boasts distinct tastes & delicacies for any social occasion and feast. Entrenched with fresh local produce, Cyprus’ traditional local recipes range from hearty meat dishes and traditional cheese based delicacies to unique desserts and pastries, while the Cypriot cuisine can be described as an exotic blend of varying cultures. Cyprus’ favourable climate and potent land offers a culinary experience linked with the well-known wholesome Mediterranean diet.

Thus, the island’s cuisine is considered to be one of the healthiest thanks to its abundance of locally grown and bred produce such as olive oil, pulses, lean meat, local herbs and freshly grown fruits and vegetables. Here, you will find a selection of local produce, carefully selected to give you a ‘taste’ of what Cyprus’ gastronomy is made of.

Local Products

Dairy Products